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1. Website Mobilizing
(Advanced Stuff)
h3.article-heading { font-size: 1.5em; text-transform: uppercase; } JSN Mobilize comes with both Free and PRO Editions. The FREE edition is included in sample data installation package with function limitation. You only can create 1 mobile template with limited displaying area. Please click on buttons below to see how JSN Mobilize present a website on mobile devices: Smart phones      Tablet JSN Mobilize helps your website to achieve a better browsing experience by creating an elaborated mobile version for the site. This revolutionary extension guarantees to include a bunch of sophisticated features and enhancement while require minimum technical knowledge from users.   Multi-device Support   Not only smartphones are supported by JSN Mobilize, the recent innovation – tablets are also covered. Tablet usually has bigger screen and can receive more displaying area than phone. With JSN Mobilize you will have the ...
Добавен на 06 Март 2014
2. JSN Boot Product Tour
... layout and specific columns conveniently via template parameters. More about layout Multiple Color Variations JSN Boot provides 4 major colors variation for your taste. Each color variation covers not only the main background, but also color of drop-down menu, links, table's header and some others. More about color variations Versatile Menu Styles JSN Boot provides 5 menu styles to present your website navigation. The default Joomla! built-in menu module is utilized, so you don't need to install any external menu modules. More about menu styles Comprehensive Typography JSN Boot was developed with extreme focus on typography and we believe it provides the most comprehensive content presentation capability. Headings, text, links, tables, images, everything was designed with high level of refinement. More about typography Excellent Mobile Support All templates have special built-in design optimized for modern mobile devices iPhone, Andro ...
Добавен на 01 Април 2011
3. Responsive Layout
(Advanced Stuff)
All JoomlaShine templates are responsive. They work normally on all modern mobile devices such as iPhone, Android and Windows mobile-based. Mobile layout overview on iPhone Mobile layout overview Both of the above screenshots are taken from iPhone 4S, but the mobile edition works well in all modern large screen devices based on Android and Windows mobile as well. Mobile layout overview on iPad Mobile layout overview on iPad Optimized HTML overrides for mobile Article presentation (com_content) News feeds presentation (com_newsfeeds) We optimized HTML overrides for all default Joomla! extensions to make them look neat in mobile edition. The work is mainly focused on rearrangement content from columns to rows. Optimized menu for mobile We have built very simple, yet effective menu system, where all children menu items are presented as tree in collapsible panel. This menu system utilizes only little Javascript (MooTool) for expanding/collapsing ...
Добавен на 01 Април 2011
4. Image Gallery
(Advanced Stuff)
... support mobile devices normally with JS/HTML version switched automatically when you visit the website. Currently, JSN ImageShow comes with 6 themes: Theme Classic, Theme Slider, Theme Grid, Theme Carousel, Theme Strip and Theme Flow. More themes will be released in the future. JSN ImageShow with Theme Classic JSN ImageShow with Theme Slider JSN ImageShow with Theme Grid JSN ImageShow with Theme Carousel JSN ImageShow with Theme Strip Vertical JSN ImageShow with Theme Strip Horizontal JSN ImageShow with Theme Flow Mobile optimized For mobile device, we have built special lightweight Javascript version, so you can be absolutely sure about images presentation. Mobile optimized presentation (screenshot made by iPhone) This extension is NOT included in the template package, but you can download it for free. Read more.  ...
Добавен на 01 Април 2011
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